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Solid Brush Cleanser Rose

Rs. 799.00 Rs. 885.00

Solid Brush cleanser (can also be used to clean sponges)

  • Used to clean sanitize as well as soften the brush bristles and well as the beauty sponge,
  • 100% vegan and FDA-approved,
  • Gentle yet very effective,
  • Travel-friendly as it comes in an aluminum tin,
  • Time to deep clean,
  • Get up to 1000 washes or more.

This 100% vegan solid cleanser is hand poured and FDA-approved. 
It deeply cleanses and conditions your brushes and Beauty Sponges to last longer.
Dirty makeup brushes and Beauty Sponges can lead to skin issues like acne, pimples, rashes, allergies, etc. The drugstore company's solid cleanser kills germs or bacteria that could lead to several skin issues. 

How To Use: Wet the brush in lukewarm water, then swirl the brush around the solid brush cleanser after that slowly rub the brush bristles onto the silicon pad to clean the excess product then clean the brush under the fresh water.

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews

Best and valuable worth to buy

Amit Gupta

Solid Brush Cleanser Rose

Rinki saxena

I am so impressed with The Drugstore Company solid brush cleanser with activated charcoal! Not only is it 100% vegan and hand-poured, but it also deeply cleanses and conditions my brushes and Beauty Sponges, making them last longer

Kamayani jha
Keeps the brush soft

The formula does not contain alcohol and cleans the brushes without damaging them.

Lakshita sinha
Saves time

I didn't get time to clean the brushes before buying this cleanser but it is a solution in one tub.

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